For-Sale-By-Owner Paperwork Consulting

For-Sale-By-Owner Paperwork Consulting

If you are selling your home by yourself and you do happen to find your own buyer and you agree on the price for the sale of your home, then we can handle all of the realtor functions for you and your buyer through the close of escrow.

Many times, a buyer feels more comfortable having a neutral third party realtor involved to make sure everything is done in a customary fashion and everyone's rights are being protected.

This service includes handling all of the contract paperwork and negotiating all of the other terms, buyer duties, and seller responsibilities in the purchase agreement. We also assist in the completion and ordering of all disclosure paperwork and assist with all other escrow functions of the realtor.

This service helps you to ensure that everything is done properly and as required by statute to minimize the risk of litigation after the sale and to minimize the risk of your escrow not closing.

As a mortgage broker, we can also ensure that your buyer qualifies for their loan and we can even obtain your buyer's loan for them at an extremely competitve rate.

We charge a nominal or reduced commission for this service and it is only paid upon successful close of escrow.

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